Comments from “Innocent Spouse” Book Author Carol Ross Joynt on New Spouse IRS Rules

NOTE: Listen to the PODCAST of Lyn’s interview with Carol Ross Joynt, the author of the book “Innocent Spouse”, Joynt was charged with multi-million dollar IRS tax fraud – shockingly discovered after the sudden death of her husband! To listen to the June 11th and June 18th 2011 podcasts – go to the BOTTOM of the radio show page of or use this link

Carol Ross Joynt’s statement on the new IRS innocent spouse rules:

The IRS Monday changed its rules to make it a little easier for women and men who seek innocent spouse tax relief. They dropped the rule that required filing within two years. People familiar with the code –both inside and outside the IRS — considered the time limit unduly stringent. Innocent spouse cases typically are messy. It can take years for the fraud to emerge and the spouse left “holding the bag” to get their legal case organized. I was fortunate. I knew within two weeks of my husband’s death, but my case was relatively clear cut. Howard committed a crime that was routine in the restaurant business and fairly transparent.

Since publication of my memoir, “Innocent Spouse,” I hear daily from people who want to file for innocent spouse relief. Mostly women but also men. Their stories are harrowing, often making mine pale in comparison. Some are married to people who committed elaborate schemes and cons. Some are married to people who are in jail. Some have been physically abused and are afraid to seek a defense. Each and every one of them is scared and trying to figure it out, or did get it figured out and are trying to put their lives back together. So, this is a big day for a lot of those individuals.

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