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Former IRS Agent Lyn Ford, hosts the informative, humorous, and entertaining show. 

With regular input from GREAT GUESTS and FUN FRIENDS involved in the tax world, the show presents important, money saving tax information, and also provides help to resolve troublesome IRS tax issues that are faced by small business owners and individual taxpayers in the areas of audits, collections, unfiled tax returns, and missed tax breaks. 

Whether you’re a taxpayer or a tax professional with clients, when you listen to the Tax Trouble Help Show you’ll learn, laugh, and absolutely LOVE saving money on taxes — while of course, staying out of tax trouble!

Do You Need More Confidence About Your Business & Individual Tax Situation?

Tax Trouble Help Is Ready To Help Small Business Owners & Individuals – Like You! 


Think about the times in your business, professional, or personal life when you had a lot of CONFIDENCE about how to handle situations that you were involved in. You knew without any doubt that everything would work out alright. Great feeling wasn’t it? Well, now is the time for you to be just as confident about your business and personal tax situation – and Tax Trouble Help is ready to help small business owners and individuals, like you, be more confident that you are:

1) Meeting tax law requirements

2) Receiving maximum tax benefits

3) Paying less tax or getting larger refunds

4) Avoiding audit or collection “Tax Trouble”

Whether you are an independent, one location small business owner or a multi-location, multi-state franchise owner, our network of former IRS Tax Auditors and Collection Officers understand how IRS, state, and local city government tax trouble negatively impacts your business operations, bottom line profits, and your personal tax return.

We use our IRS contacts and decades of IRS experience for the benefit of our clients. Our team of experts know how to help businesses AVOID TAX TROUBLE or GET OUT OF TAX TROUBLE BEFORE IT BECOMES WORSE! As Enrolled Agents (EAs), licensed by the U.S. Government, we can provide nationwide tax representation for small business owners in IRS audit, collection, or appeals matters. Since EAs are Federally licensed, EAs can provide, multi-state tax representation for small business owners and individual taxpayers.

Our GUARANTEE to every client is that we will use our tax law knowledge, government contacts, and years of experience to help small businesses and individuals change unfair and unmanageable tax trouble into fair and manageable tax situations. Tax money saved certainly looks better in your bank account than in the U.S. Treasury!

So again, welcome to Tax Trouble Help. Visit our web site often for information about tax related products, newsletters, podcasts, webinars, blogs, live events, and more.